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Introducing Danny O’Connor!

Artist from UK, Danny O’Connor creates beautiful portraits, where lines and color colide into a beautiful work of art.

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Caux Collective Redirects: The ‘Empty Memories’ USB Collection

With the intriguing, self-proposed question “what would happen if technology became invisible?” to inspire a new, artistic direction of working, Designers Yoo-Kyung Shin & Hanhsi Chen found the answer in an ingenious fusion of fashionable jewellery and computer technology.

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Substancia is an Australian based property and real estate investment and management company.

Branding for the company included starting from scratch, and imagining Substancia as a future leader on the market.

Central to the design was the logo. It was made to convey stability and elegance, and speak to the target audience. Once the logo was set in stone, the rest of the image was built easily on top of it, providing singular and strong image for the company.

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Best Case Scenario

BCS a smartphone case brand with a focus on design and social enterprise. The original collection of red, white, black cases represent core values of “good health, heart & design” while periodically showcase featured designs in collaboration with designers. For every product they sell they donate vaccinations to children under 6 and pregnant & lactating women in India with a partnership with Reality Gives, Mumbai.

Best Case Scenario have choosen my designs to print this iPhone 5 Cases! For every case sold they, a part will go to me to help my mom to pay her treatment of cancer and other part will go to the cause of vaccinations to childrens.

You can buy (pre-order) the case for our iphone here on their shop:

Cookie And Glass of Milk, Dropped Ice Cream and Youtube Restrictions

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Michal Krasnopolski   |

“The ‘less is more’ poster challenge. The basic concept was to create a very modernist, minimalist poster series for movie enthusiasts. The idea is based on a very simple grid: a circle and two diagonals inscribed in a square. It surprised me how many posters I could create based on this very simple approach; the possibilities are theoretically unlimited.”

Art director & graphic designer living/working in Warsaw, Poland. Born in 1980, a graduate (Master’s degree) of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz.  Associated with advertising industry since 2002, winner of Zlote Orly (2008, 2009) & Kreatura (2008) awards. Jury member of the KTR Awards in design category (2008). Working predominantly in advertising, poster design & packaging.

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Midas Touch

These are a few selected works by Polish designer, Peter Tarka. His technical ability is outstanding and his work has been the subject of tutorials in publications like Digital Arts Magazine

The Springs, above, are mindbogglingly intricate.


Graphic artworks and illustrations by Jeremiah Shaw and Danny Jones | Tumblr


Designed this set of three pocket-sized notebooks. We’re working on making them available individually and as a set of three (one each of lined, unlined, and gridded interior pages). Help us gauge interest so we can print enough but not overshoot it. Would you buy these as a set or even individually? Like this post, leave a comment, or reblog it to let us know if you want to see these printed.